Testimonial Detail   
Srinivas & Sarada - Miller's Grove, Mississauga

"When we first purchased our townhouse we did some research to find out who knew about real estate in our area. We kept being referred Vijay's name. Vijay helped us examine thoughtfully all the options available and guided us through the painless purchase of a great town house.

So now, 12 years later, when we decided it was time to rent the town house and buy a house, we never considered calling anyone else (although we have good friends who are real estate agents!) We knew renting the town house would be a challenging transaction, and Vijay handled this tactfully! When it came to guiding us through the things to consider in our house purchase, again Vijay skill-fully and objectively coached us and now we are happily ensconced in a house we love.

He also helped us through the mortgage process which was a another burden off our chest....”

Posted by Srinivas and Sarada